Dreams Can Come True…

 It has been reported that David Ridgeway, briefly known between 1992 and 95 as DJ Ridgy, has received a dream offer from super-duper club Place, IbizaDJ Ridgy used to play an even-at-the-time-dated mix of Italian piano screamers and progressive house. While his moment in the sun was well over twenty years ago, he has always secretly harboured dreams of making some kind of DJ come back.
“All my colleagues at the council where I work, they’ve got no idea about my DJ past,” says Ridgy, “I warmed up for Pete Heller in Sheffield once, it was amazing.”
Ridgy had resigned himself to a career of local government project management when he was stopped in the street in his home town of Leicester one evening by the reclusive and enigmatic owner of Place, Ibiza, Lautáro Carizzo. Villalobos, Moudaber and Topping had all just let Mr Carizzo down, at the very moment Ridgy walked past. Luckily, Carizzo remembered his face from the time Ridgy was a runner up in Mixmag’s October ’93 ‘Send-Us-Your-Mix’ feature.

Hey, We’re Going To Ibiza

Mr Carizzo’s private jet was waiting on the tarmac to head off to the White Isle and he instantly offered Ridgy a highly lucrative summer-long residency, along with use of a luxury apartment. Obviously, I told Mr Carizzo that I’d need to go and get my tunes, but he was cool about that, he was just so relieved to have found a replacement. He got his driver to take me home in his massive car which had a solid platinum jacuzzi and VIP area in the back, it was mint.”
It turns out that in fact, Mr Carizzo had been keeping an eye on Ridgy’s career all these years. That ‘classics’ DJ mix Ridgy did in 2006 for his brother in law’s party, the three appearances on his mate Darren’s podcast, and that night he played disco for Megan’s birthday at ‘Swaggers’ on the High Street, Carizzo knew about them all.
It just goes to show that in dance music, you should never give up on your dreams. It also shows that you should never commit to anything long term because it’s highly likely that a hot-shot promoter is going to walk into your work and ask you to be life-time resident at their exclusive Ibiza bar where DJ Harvey will be warming up for you every night.
(Place, Ibiza have asked us to point out that Dj Ridgy is a fictional construct, created purely for the purposes of this article, and that Lautáro Carizzo has never been to Leicester).