Government Unveils Report on DJ Culture

The government DJ regulatory body OFFSPIN have issued their findings on the state of DJing in the UK.

This week, OFFSPIN have released their half-yearly review, in which they investigate trends in the world of DJing and night clubs. Based on current data, OFFSPIN have announced that they believe the danger from Tropical House has been vastly reduced since last year and that they have also seen substantial progress in the roadmap to peace in the ongoing Format Wars. The report is an interesting read and we have reproduced some of the more intriguing findings below.

This particular piece of research compares a percentage breakdown of what DJs said they did this weekend:

And then compares it to what they actually did:

OFFSPIN also looked into the most yawn inducing DJ statuses of the year so far:

And they continued their valuable work in assessing what questions people are asking DJs playing in bars: 

Not to mention investigating what adjectives DJs are using to describe their Mixtapes:

OFFSPIN provide regulatory functions for the DJ industry and apply and enforce the DJ Code of Practice. They also consult on issues affecting DJs and produce rulings and white papers which are a transparent record of their policy on what is and isn’t acceptable in DJing. For example, in 2016, OFFSPIN announced measures to counteract Rotary Mixer DJs from talking about Rotary Mixers all the time.

However, OFFSPIN’s approach has not been without its critics, especially after they announced a substantial cut in DJ set times last month. Many of OFFSPIN’s initiatives turn out to exist only in the realm of fantasy and are about as likely to happen as your average DJ allowing a walk-up amateur MC to drop an eight bar freestyle ‘pon de mic whilst they’re DJing.