DJ Regulatory Body Update Their Disturbing & Pointless Schemes

OFFSPIN have announced an important update to their series of DJ guidelines

OFFSPIN is the UK government DJ regulatory body, who apply and enforce the DJ Code of Practice. They recently updated their series of DJ guidelines from the terribly out of date CC/137 to the new, exciting DD/137 forms, a change which cost the taxpayer around £3.4 million and involved nothing more than adjusting the colour scheme to a slightly darker orange. We have reproduced a number of the updated forms for review below.

As well as regulating the industry, OFFSPIN also report on the DJ and Club industry and also produce endless mad initiatives such as their ill-fated ‘Work to Pay to Play to Live‘ scheme. The scheme was quietly abandoned last year after it was found to contain a number of human rights violations, as well as infringing several copyright, digital ownership, and animal cruelty laws. It also required DJs to live in a cave, eat ash and wear a sack.

OFFSPIN also issue white papers and guidelines covering important issues in the industry such as the “How Can You Monetise Your DJ Font”,  “How Anxious Are Your Headphones” and their recent opus “Are the hours of non-hours work worked by a DJ in a pay reference period the total of the number of hours spent by them during the pay reference period in carrying out the duties required of them under their contract to do non-hours work, or not?”

Here are the updated DD/137 forms, happy reading: