OFFSPIN Seems to be Suggesting There’s More to This Than Meet The Eye…

Government DJ Regulator and Advisory body OFFSPIN have today stepped into the Leroy Burgess/Marquis Hawkes debate, by urging the two parties to ‘get a room, you too’.

Hawkes was commissioned by legendary disco label Salsoul to re-rub a couple of Leroy Burgess’ classic tunes, but Burgess went on to criticise Hawke for turning in a pair of re-edits from the  ‘stick a kick drum under it and slap on some delay’ school of re-editing.

Hawkes was quick to respond however and came out with all guns blazing in a firey, uncompromising statement he gave to Resident Advisor : “We all have opinions about music, it’s a totally subjective thing and that’s the joy of it”.

However, Amanda Snook, who sits next to Marquis in Maths, passed a note to Leroy, allegedly from Marquis, asking if they could sit together at lunch. The pair duly sat together at lunch and later Leroy was clearly seen wearing Marquis’s hoodie. At this point, OFFSPIN stepped in with a series of ‘amusing’ statements, suggesting that Leroy and Marquis were “sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.”, and that the pair should “get a room you two, amirite?!”

Burgess and Hawkes have yet to respond, although Hawkes was seen rolling his eyes and muttering something under his breath about how totally immature OFFSPIN were.


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