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More ‘useful’ research from DJ regulatory body OFFSPIN

As usual, government DJ regulatory body OFFSPIN have been re-imagining the role of the DJ going forward, through a series of fully immersive developmental real-life based scenario facilitations, or what we know as ‘questions’.

Through the use of the answers to these ‘questions’, OFFSPIN are able to supply us with an up to the minute picture of the state of DJing in the UK, as well as providing priceless advice for aspiring DJs. For example, in addition to the signature ‘dance’ moves a DJ should be developing, OFFSPIN are also recommending that DJs look at other monetising streams such as signature scents, signature clothing ranges and signature offensive social media rants. We’ve reproduced some of their other findings below, read on for a genuine insight into the state of DJing in 2018:

OFFSPIN have also created a handy request form for DJs to help manage the increase in requests from club goers: