Belgian Indulgent-core band Benders are making a rip-roaring return this month with the release of their new album, the first from them for a decade. ‘Hotel Octopus’ is a stunning piece of work, featuring just one single hour long track that was recorded in one take and features the band re-playing a Doc Scott Jungle DJ Set from 1994 that they found on a cassette in their tour van.

“It was a living breathing process” claims frontman Hercule Instrument breathlessly when we spoke to him in his tree house.  “Our rehearsals took on a life of their own, as though they were some kind of organic being. Eventually, we became one with the music and began to see that everything is just our own subconscious reflection of ourselves and that at some basic level we are all one” he continued. “Also, we did a lot of acid.”

The album was rejected by their record label Commerical Big Proper Records, so Benders took the unusual step of “firing the tapes into the sun, then our music will forever shine down on the evolving population of planet earth. All is one.” Luckily, Hercule Instrument’s brother in law had a copy on his hard drive and ‘Hotel Octopus’ will be released next week on Found Dog Records, a subsidiary of Hound Fog Music, which is itself a subsidiary of Sound Hog Inc. All clear? Good.