Dazzler de la Roche

Dazzler in full effect. Avoid if at all possible.

Awful, just awful bloke, complete free loader, ponced around Europe for years spending Daddy’s money and wearing white linen shirts before finally ‘settling down to be a psychometric life coach yeah?’ in Ibiza. Just the worst. And now he’s a DJ apparently. Well so’s Paris Hilton mate, so what does that say about you eh? Don’t know why he’s still on our books to be honest, oh wait, I think he’s the boss’s son in law, that explains a lot.

Right then. Ibiza legend Dazzler de la Roche has been a mainstay on the White Isle since the earliest days of the Balearic scene, as a tastemaker and party instigator. All those years on the dance floor have perfectly placed him to relaunch his career as one of the most progressive DJs and cultural curators on the Ibiza disco, nu-disco and disco-newesque scene.

Dazzler de la Roche is the living embodiment of everything that is wrong with the scene. Book him now before his summer dates all get filled!