Interview Time with Denniso “Dennis” Denniso

The man of many nicknames – Den-e-gration, The Triple D, Denim Tight Shorts, Dent in my car, Denticles, Dennis You Twat, Denniso “Dennis” Denniso is no stranger to controversy. When we meet in a downtown diner in the Peter Stuyvesant neighbourhood that the D-Man calls home, he is coiled full of energy, like a caged panther. I approach him warily; he growls. I can see some raw meat on the table. This is getting weird. I introduce myself and hold out my hand, palm up to show that i mean him now harm and the tension is broken – he can see now that I don’t want his food, so he no longer perceives me as a threat. The interview can commence.

As we sit over our cup of steaming Joe and a scattering of gnawed bones, the mid-morning rays of the sun light up his face, a face that if only it could talk, would perhaps tell the wildest tales in all of New York. From growing up in the ghetto to life as one of the worlds top DJs and Producers. For Dennis, it’s been a long journey:

“3 miles to be precise. I only ever travel up to a three mile radius from my home, never any further. I have a morbid fear of planes, trains and cars, mainly because of the dangers of Orgone Waves. Now you might not have heard of them, but Orgone Waves are one of the most dangerous things in the world today, and I have to avoid almost forms of transport in order to keep my precious bodily fluids free from Orgone Wave contamination.”

Backtrack six months and Manlike Dental Hygiene was at the top of his game. With number ones on Apple Music, ITunes, Beatport, Traxsource, and Mumsnet he looked set to join the big players at the top of the tree. However, a stipulation on his rider that he was only able to gig at venues that were within walking distance from his apartment has to some extent limited his ability to appear at festival and venues, particularly ones which aren’t within walking distance from his apartment.

“Yeah, I was going to play Ibiza, Croatia, Germania, all those countries, but do you know, the levels of Orgone Waves in Europe are sometimes three times higher than in the USA? It’s time to wake up sheeple.” Dennis wasn’t clear on the nature of Orgone Waves, but referred at length to the Illuminati, ‘our Lizard Overlords and their secret base on the Moon’. Dennis’ new single is out on Mottted Orders next week.