Huge Jackman

The cleverly named Huge Jackman

DJ and Producer Huge Jackman will touring Europe in the coming months and has the following dates available for bookings:

January to December 2017

Huge ‘Big Daddy Jack Man’ Jackman is a house DJ and producer famed for a discography made up exclusively of collaborations with other, more talented artists. He also runs the bafflingly successful Harmoicesque imprint on which he insists on releasing his own productions, which tend to be a monotonous and faintly ridiculous collection of over compressed sample packs.

Croydon born and bred Jackman refers to people as ‘cats’ or ‘playa’s’, if something is good he says that it’s ‘dope’ and he seems overly concerned that the general public be aware of the level of authenticity of his ‘shit’. When he’s not gigging, the Jackman can be found bent over his Lenovo laptop, busting out sick tunes on his Tunez, Beatz & Undergroundz internetz radio show, which has literally some listeners.

Call us if you’d like to book Huge Jackman for your party, rave, club night, festival, warm up, cool down, kettle-bell sesh, wedding, birthday, funeral, corporate event, product launch, art exhibition, fashion show,  sauna rinsedown or any other event that you feel would be improved by a soundtrack of dub techno.