James ‘J.A.’ Hutcheson

DJ James ‘J.A.’ Hutcheson: “Hi I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn”

We are proud to welcome our newest signing, legend of UK dance music, Jamo. He had two Top 15 singles at the height of the commercial rave scene in 1990: ‘Take Me Even Higher Than Previously’ and ‘I’m Rushing On Really Fucking Boss Eccy’s Right Now’ and then disappeared until this year’s relaunch as Deep House DJ James ‘J.A.’ Hutcheson. He’s spent the intervening years working for his local council on endless digital roll outs apparently.

Anyway, if you book him, he definitely won’t play either of his hits. I know, we told him he’s not going to get booked now that he’s just playing endless Ron Trent B-sides and Mood II Swing dubs for fucks sake but there you go. Artistic temperament isn’t it. I blame his parents. Have you met them? Nightmare, the pair of them. Massive house in Surrey, the mother’s a valium fiend, the father’s ‘something in the city’ which probably means he sacrifices chickens for Russian oligarchs in return for continued access to the life-restoring fluids he so craves. Or something. For bookings contact Jonty.