Make some noise for the UK sound! Hype Riddim

Hype Riddem. Beards, yeah?

Some of the biggest news we’ve heard for ages from hopeless imitators Hype Riddem is that they’re launching their own label ‘FFS’ this month! Having been with us from the beginning of their career, we are proud of the HR squad for taking such a bold, original and idiosyncratic step in such uncertain times. Certainly we can all agree that what the industry really needs is another record label run from someone’s bedroom. Hype Riddem believe that they have spotted a market for generic Tech House, and FFS will be a showcase for new and emerging generic Tech House. They also plan to run a side imprint, FFS Ltd. which will just feature kick drum loops put through analogue guitar pedals masquerading as some kind of post-minimal micro-techno. Can’t wait.

To book Hype Riddem call Charmaine, although I wouldn’t bother today if I was you, pretty sure it was ‘Ladeez in for free’ at the Hippodrome last night so no doubt she’ll be pulling some kind of sickie.