Playaz Crew Fam You Get Me

Playaz Crew Fam You Get Me Though innit Bruv

Original Drum & Bass production duo Playaz Crew Fam You Get Me are back with their latest release ‘Liquid Rinsin’ on the Despicable Meals imprint. A feast of perfectly cut up breaks, this latest roller from the Bristol based pair clocks in at a cool 300 Beats Per Minute, making it the fastest track they’ve released this week.

With support coming in from some of the biggest names in Drum & Bass, Playerz Crew Fam You Get Me are set to have a stellar year, just need to get DJ Pete Repeatz’ community service out of the way first then we’re golden. We have dates available for the next few months, call us now to book.

Playaz Crew Fam You Get Me Rider

Rizla – normal and kingys




Skinning up mat

Ash tray



Spare lighters (Clipper)


Resin, preferably Red Seal, you can still get it, just have to know who to ask

Ash tray, wait, did we say that already