The Man, The Legend, The Person: David Ritz

What do you do for a living David? Oh right, you’re a DJ, of course.

We are very pleased to offer dates for House music legend David Ritz.

Original Chicago House legend David Ritz can’t put a foot wrong these days. Eulogised in the dance music press and hailed by the younger generation as their inspiration, his DJ sets of pure unadulterated Chicago house are as relentlessly funky as they are irresistible. He can’t DJ of course, never could, his cousin does the actual DJing, he just dances around wearing headphones. And all those tunes he wrote? Knocked up for him by various ghost writers. He’s got so many of ‘em his mamma called Ghostbusters on his ass. Book him though, you’ll definitely sell out, he’s a massive name. Massive dickhead as well, but seriously, book him, you’ll thank us.

David Ritz Rider

Please ensure that all of the following are supplied:

  • Pioneer CDJ 2000NXS2 X 4 and a Numark ‘Lucky DJ Boy’ Mixer
  • Atmosphere
  • Old School Respec’
  • A feeling backstage like those hip-hop videos where everyone’s popping Cristal and dancing