Whost Griter – Dates available!

Whost Griter is really cool & rad, as you can see from this crazy photo

Whost Griter has dates available for DJ gigs and live shows. He is also happy to perform as any other artist you like, although prefers to be either Richie Hawtin or Lauren Lo Sung. He’ll also perform a seance and speak to your dead auntie for twenty quid. Pay him a score and he’ll go and dig her up for you, seriously, the man has no shame.

Whost Griter has DJed all over the world including the Terrace at Space in Ibiza but unfortunately only after it had closed. He has continued his run of successful releases with his literally unbearable re-rub of ‘Shit Stick’, from Dazzler de la Roche: if you only listen to one piece of music this year, then maybe check Spotify out fam, it’s got loads of tunes.