Game changing gaming from game changer JM changes the game

Aussie DJ and Producer Jacob Miniature has already made a name for himself with a series of saccharine, fluttery new-age sub-tropical house releases including last month’s massive ‘Love I for You Tho’.

However, it’s not his poorly auto-tuned lumbering pastel-house tracks that have caught our attention this week, the plucky youngster has turned convention on its head by DJing whilst not wearing a black t-shirt.

The brave fledgeling was booked to play at mega-venue the Printworks for ‘Feels’, the latest electronic EDM music themed childcare initiative instigated by the local council. When he appeared on stage, once the smoke machine and pyrotechnics had all calmed down a bit, the crowd could clearly see that the hearty nipper was wearing a completely white black T-shirt! I know right?!! The place went completely crazy obviously – I mean we’ve seen some things – Prinks can remember when Moby and Altern8 invented deep house, and when James Lavelle invented UK Hip Hop – but a completely white black T-shirt?!!!

Everyone thought it was brilliant and we were all having a really, really amazing time.