Sebastian and Ptolemy European Tour

Sebastian & Ptolemy programming some sick beats with Minecraft

Straight from the underground, runnin’ on the mean streets of Escher in Surrey, Sebastian and Ptolemy are leading the way in the latest wave of Grime and UK Hip Hop. The pair, whose talents are exceptionally difficult to locate, let alone define, have released a string of killer tracks, all in their distinctive Loop Masters sample-pack style

With support coming in from some of the biggest names in the international Hip Hop community you would expect Sebastian and Ptolemy to be happy to pick up the gigs we’re getting them, but oh no, it’s all “Get us a higher fee” and “Get us a limo to the hotel lobby, then another to our hotel room” and “Why can’t we just do the gigs via Facebook live?”. Lazy you see. Entitled. Rich kids again, it’s always the rich kids that are just the worst. This is why Marx’s dialectal materialism is so on the fucking money amirite?

Call us if you’d like to offer a date.