Denks and Shebbsie

Denks and Shebbsie ‘on the large’


Life’s unavoidable events Pt. 1: The unwanted return of Denks & Shebbsie

UK Hip Hop/Grime MCs Denks & Shebbsie have convinced three separate South London nightclubs to offer them dates next month so they are obviously now referring to this as a ‘tour’. This means a load more work for us here at the Agency including wheeling out their tissue-thin biog in an attempt to scrape a couple of other gigs together:

A series of unlistenable brown label acetates and some unhearable festival action at ‘Yurtfest’ put these two original east London wide boys firmly on the Hip Hop map in 2016, a year in which they also simultaneously cemented their position, hit the ground running, showed no sign of slowing down, and hit the heights.

Denks & Shebbsie are performing a warm-up set at something called ‘Old Skool City: Reunion IV – the Return’ in Peckham in a few weeks, so if you’d like to book them around then, that would really help us out.