“If You Like Acid House so Much Name One of Their Albums…”

Here at Prinks, we’ve put in a fair few hours on the dance floor and in the DJ booth, and have been lucky enough to witness some truly brilliant DJs at the top of their game. Conversely, we have also seen some DJs do things that make you wonder how they manage to simultaneously walk and talk at the same time without falling over, let alone string a few tunes together in a club.

Over the years, we’ve seen all sorts of DJ behaviour. We’ve seen a DJ play a Mixmag cover CD and mime to it, and think no one would notice, we’ve seen a DJ push a monitor onto a fan, and we’ve seen the resident of a top UK club briefly fall asleep whilst on the decks. Here though, are a few of the more stupid things – all actual, real, genuine things – that Prinks has seen in our years on the dance floor, all of which were done by reasonably well known or indeed very well known DJs.

10 Stupid Things We’ve Seen DJs do.

10. Say ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ to door staff.

9. Play 140 bpm banging techno as a warm up at a deep house night.

8. Be Ten Walls.

7. Play the same tune twice in a row.

6. Check their email on their laptop whilst DJing.

5. Walking away from the decks with their headphones still plugged in, pulling the mixer off the table and stopping the music dead.

4. Forgot that the headphones around their neck aren’t plugged in at the start of their set and panicking because they can’t hear anything through them.

3. Pretend to be responsible for a filter sweep on track by miming a knob twist.

2. Left the Hi Pass Filter open on one of the channels, thus playing for a couple of songs with no bass on one channel. And not noticing.

1. Think anyone would be interested that they just bought a cold-pressed, artisan 180-gramme vinyl double pack with individual stamped screen printed fold-out cover. When they don’t own decks.


Can you beat these? Email us and tell us your story – if it’s funny enough we’ll steal the idea, re-write it and likely publish it without crediting you.