Has Funky Void Just Ten Wallsed Himself?

Recent events in dance music have left entire sections of the dance music population “not quite sure what to think” with some claiming that “politics and that, it’s well complicated though”.

Dance  musics latest furore revolves around Lars Sandbag, better known as Funky Void, who sold T shirts on his web site, and some of T shirts were made by a far right organisation. But the far right organisation say that they aren’t  that far right, and that low level hate speech is fine because freedom of speech, just as long as they stay a hair’s breadth away from actually inciting religious hatred or violence against women. And also, we can assume that their policy of reporting sexual crimes only when committed by Muslims has a perfectly reasonable journalistic explanation.

So then Mr Sandbag had his DJing gig cancelled because the organisers of an event thought he shouldn’t sell T-shirts for a far-right organisation. Mr Sandbag then stopped selling the T-shirts.

Some people thought all this was good. Others thought it was bad. But slowly, the truth began to dawn, that in fact, the issue was far more complex and nuanced and unlikely to be summed up adequately by a simple binary of ‘good’ or ‘bad’. In fact, it quickly became clear that to fully engage with all the issues it raised – freedom of expression, the definition of extremism, and indeed of tolerance, political correctness, hate speech, consequences of political beliefs, not to mention issues of culpability, personal responsibility,  public shaming, morals, ethics, witch hunts, and lots of other boring stuff – then we really are going to need to have a jolly good think about it all, and perhaps wait until someone clever shows up to articulate a decent opinion on the whole tale.

In view of this, Prinks will keep you fully updated with the very latest thing that Mixmag says about it, and then follow their line, they’re usually pretty good on this sort of thing.