Festival Goers in ‘lengthy queues’ Shock.

London Festival Sunfall got themselves in a  spot of bother over the weekend. Having assembled a frankly stellar collection of DJs and artists, the event organisers appeared to then let go of the reins somewhat as revellers complained of waiting in queues with no access to food, water or toilets for up to five hours. Although the British generally love a nice queue, as this event was a one-dayer, the plucky attendees were understandably annoyed.

Whilst it is currently unclear as to what caused the problems, it is widely agreed that huge queues, disorganisation and poor quality services were actually a trial for a new type of ‘austerity-friendly’ festival that it is believed will become the norm after Brexit:  It takes 10 times as long to get in or out than any other festival, the services are awful and once you get in it’s probably raining anyway.

The main stage at Sunfall featured DJs and artists like The Black Madonna, Ben UFO and Larry Heard. The festival also put on a second stage which was anger, then came depression and acceptance followed by the collapse of civil society, the return of feral living and survival of the fittest.

As mob rule descended, the question on everyone’s lips was where the hell is Ja Rule when you need him?

“Sunfall? Sunfail more like”, said everyone, including children and animals, so maybe stop saying it now.