Finally, someone has had the good sense to launch a CD only night.

The only downfall of DJs getting back into vinyl tends to be that if you let them, they’ll tell you all about it. However, if you’re tired of vinyl DJs, their artisan cold pressed 12″s and their pop-up one-off vinyl only nights, then it’s time to get woke. Legendary German DJ/Producer Oliver Spanners is launching a brand new CD Only Night called  ‘Digitalways Für Immer’ in Dusseldorf’s unique Schmieröl club.

‘Digitalways Für Immer’ launches later this month and will feature CD and CDR DJ sets from a  number of CD collectors and specialists. Oliver Spanners is a well known CD purist and archivist with a huge personal CD collection. As he told Prinks:

“For me, you can’t beat that pristine digital sound you know, it’s just great. And to be honest, I know perhaps it’s hard to understand but when I’m DJing, there’s an intangible sensation you only get from handling an actual physical object like a CD, as opposed to DJing with a collection of zeros & ones on a USB stick.”

‘Digitalways Für Immer’ will centre around lengthy DJ sets from Spanners and feature CDs, CDR and even re-writeable CD-RWs too! And of course, as it Oliver Spanners, we can expect pure, original, authentic 50 gramme digital CDs only – guaranteed no cheap bargain 100 CDs on a spindle from the newsagent, we’re talking high quality, original style TDK or Sony CDs or CDRs only.

“We’re going to be playing some one-off CDRs and some promotional copies that never got full releases – the CD digging community is small, but really dedicated and we pride ourselves on finding the rarest and most in-demand CDs. And then selling them on Discogs.” 

In addition to the aforementioned pristine digital sound, ‘Digitalways Für Immer’ plans to offer curious clubbers a chance to see CD wallets, jewel cases, track lists written on Post-it Notes, and sticky labels in their natural environment.