The troubled music streaming website SoundCloud is to be adapted as a 60 million dollar high drama Netflix serial.

The emotional story of a website that flew too close to the sun is to be brought to life as a 12 part “high drama & adventure thriller”. Netflix is developing and producing a new English language series based on the continuing trials and tribulations of music and podcast streaming website Soundcloud.  The site first came to fame a few years ago as the cool new musical kid on the digital block, but in the ensuing years has turned into a sad and needy figure, seemingly desperate for attention and validation.

Soundcloud has become infamous for being the source of stories concerning how they only have 30 days left to live, or need a million dollars by the end of the day, or they’re really going to sell their synths and give up music this time, which everyone knows is covering up some deeper need for affirmation.

It’s as though every day Soundcloud starts out fully meaning to be professional then hits the Chardonnay after lunch and by the evening it’s stalking old partners online and posting oblique statuses that are very clearly cries for attention. But it’s this continual drama that appealed to Netflix, as Executive Producer Janice Spindleface explains;

“The world of Soundcloud is a rich and memorable one, at once familiar but at the same time contemporary. It has everything a blockbuster TV show needs: tears, laughter, suffering, endurance against the odds, and access to literally millions of Tropical House remixes.”

The website has previously been in development as a situation comedy, but this adaptation never saw the light of day. “We can’t wait to bring all the characters to life” continued Spindleface, “God knows they need it. Wait, don’t print that.”