It’s a question that has bugged many DJs and labels for a few years – now OFFSPIN are going to step in.  


The Government DJ Regulatory Body OFFSPIN have launched an enquiry into the ‘Downloading for Richie Hawtin’ phenomenon. Specifically, OFFSPIN has announced that it intends to establish whether responding with ‘Downloading for Richie Hawtin’ on a promo campaign actually constitutes support.

This is in response to Producers and DJs claiming that Hawtin is playing their tunes, when in fact their promo campaign has merely received a ‘DLFRH’. The reaction from the DJ Community on this controversial issue has been mixed. Famously unstable DJ Leonardioio was quite clear that a DLFRH isn’t real DJ support:
Richie Hawtin playing your tune is not the same as a lonely intern cutting and pasting ‘Downloading for Richie Hawtin’ into 100 promo campaigns a day. You can’t say it’s support. It’s like saying that one of Gordon Ramsey’s waiters saw your  home made lasagne through your window and now you’ve got a Michelin star.”

But UK House producer Huge Jackman seemed to be supportive of Hawtin’s promo procedure:

I think we should be grateful that he’s letting us know he’s downloaded it. It’s like, we’re house music peasants, and he’s techno nobility, and he’s riding by on his analogue horse, throwing us some crusts from his table. Or rather someone in his staff is. But it’s basically the same as if he was your best mate. Which he is.”

The phrase ‘Downloading for Richie Hawtin’ started appearing a few years ago on house and techno DJ promo campaigns. However, since then it has gained a life of its own, first appearing as a meme, then on T-shirts, and last month ‘Downloading for Richie Hawtin’ became the first phrase to launch its own brand of signature streetwear. It is looking increasingly likely that it will separate from Richie Hawtin himself and set out on a solo career: ‘Downloading for Richie Hawtin’ is also currently in talks to appear on ITV’s Mouthwash Island next year.