Here at Prinks we love a bit of Twitter. The wit, the brevity, the savage, instantaneous witch-hunts, what’s not to like? So we’ve gathered together a few of our favourite Tweets that popped up on our timeline this year:

This is what happens when Canadians fight online:

This little beauty is a few years old now, but it’s something of a classic:



Then there was #RuinABandInOneLetter:

This one was much funnier than ours:

And throughout it all there was Tech House, butt of our jokes, target of our ire, home to all our genre snobbery:

Fidget spinners were briefly a thing in the summer, so in an attempt to appear contemporary we worked them into this tweet:

Perhaps Twitter is at its best when summing up the terrifying descent into a post-apocalyptic nightmare that we do rather seem headed towards at the moment:

A descent perfectly illustrated by the growing flat earth movement, bless em:

In September, everyone in dance music became briefly knowledgeable Jeremy Underground, post-gig saunas and bizarrely aggressive agents:

“Wanna snout?”

“Nah, I’m good bruv”

We like this one simply because Prince:

Possible contender for best joke incubated in an after party this year was this:

And winner of the 2017 award for best joke about old buildings goes to:

Add this to the ‘Jokes we wish we’d thought of’ file:

We really liked this advice on how best to send demos to labels:

Barry Manilow killing it:

And then finally New Years Eve rolls into view:


And let’s finish on this because it hasn’t stopped being funny yet: