DJ Is A Stupid Fucken Racist, It Emerges

Well that didn’t take too long. It seems like we’ve only just got in from New Years Eve’s parties, the year is barely two weeks old and some DJ has decided that he doesn’t want to work in the industry anymore and played the racist card.

However, fast-fading Drum & Bass artist Mistabishi didn’t content himself with merely being racist and Islamaphobic, he also chose to display his ‘views’ on a public forum, where they can be preserved for career-ruining eternity. Why, it’s almost as if being a racist and being stupid go hand-in-hand.

Hosptial Records announced that they’ve deleted his back catalogue and will be donating the label share of any profits from his releases to anti-racism charity Lovemusic HateRacism. This has produced a distressingly familiar internetz triple-refrain of  “What about Mistabishi’s freedom of speech?”, “It’s political correctness gone mad” and “Hey, we should just chill and let the music do the talking.”

In brief then: his rights to freedom of expression have remained completely intact throughout the whole process, he has the right to espouse his views, just as others have the right to choose not to work with him. Second, political correctness was a movement to encourage us to consider the language we use and maybe you know, stop referring to other human beings as ‘Paki’ or ‘Muzzy’ and such. Do you really want to fight for the right to racially abuse people? And finally, if your response to actual, real, genuine racism is to simply chill and let the music do the talking, then I’m afraid you are complicit. You don’t get to sit on the fence with this one, this isn’t an issue with two sides worth weighing up and evaluating, this is racism: you’re either racist or you’re not.

Mistabishi previously achieved fame for his Drum & Bass releases, and internet infamy for miming DJing with a pre-mixed CD, so no great loss eh.