Hacienda Classical Inspires A New Generation To Ruin Their Music Too


The success of retro orchestral rave event Hacienda Classical has had far-reaching consequences, not least in encouraging people who haven’t danced for twenty years to gather in dark places to attempt their moves again, safely away from the public gaze. Now techno Mecca Berghain is having a go too: the infamous Berlin nightclub have announced their very own take on the string-laden nostalgia-fest with the launch of Berghain Classical.

Featuring some of the biggest names in techno, Berghain Classical will treat attendees to an evening of quality Techno, Electro and Electronica DJs and Artists, all reinterpreting their classic techno hits. Canadian innovator Richie Hawtin plans to recreate his vintage minimal techno output like ‘Spastik’ and ‘Bang The Box’ with a 70 piece orchestra and gospel choir, whilst Ben Klock will be showcasing his unique sense of narrative and flow as a DJ in a special 5-minute medley of his seminal ‘One’ album.

The event will also feature an appearance from Ricardo Villalobos singing his many hits, including his tear-jerker ‘Two Kids Set Off” and the show-stopping acapella version of his 37-minute opus ‘Fizheuer Zieheur’.

Meanwhile, German producer Rødhåd has announced he’ll be joining the event to perform an acoustic interpretation of his dystopian techno album ‘Anxious’. Melancholy, austere techno bangerz like ‘Target Line’ and ‘Cast A Shadow’ will get the sensitive acoustic guitar/singer-songwriter treatment they truly deserve.

The event will no doubt be full of couples edging into their mid-30s who want the thrill of the full-on techno nights of their youth, but without any of the danger, tension, charisma, excitement, authenticity, energy, freshness, or sheer unadulterated joy for life of the original nights.

Berghain resident Len Faki who will be performing the entire Monoid and Feis back catalogue with guest techno singer Lindy Layton on vocals and a 30 piece steel band said: “I’ve always loved Europe, it’s one of my favourite countries and this is a fantastic opportunity to come back to Berlin with a full band and relive the old days”.