DJ Regulatory Body OFFSPIN “Really Losing It Now”

OFFSPIN Continue To Wreak Havoc Among DJs

OFFSPIN are the government DJ regulatory body,  responsible for exercising autonomous authority in the area of DJs, nightclubs, raves and generally ‘avin it.  They also consult on important issues such as their recent reports into the ‘Downloading for Richie Hawtin’ phenomenon, and DJ set lengths, as well as issuing white papers on subjects like ‘How to cope when a friend buys a rotary mixer’ and ‘If I start making my own disco re-edits will I get more gigs?’

Continually spunking the public purse on bizarre pronouncements and unneeded, unwanted and unnecessary research, OFFSPIN can always be relied on to annoy and baffle in equal measure. Here’s a selection of their latest forms and advisory notes:  

The DJ Request form below is handy for giving out to punters who want to come up and talk to you when you’re DJing. Get them to complete the form and return it to you (after taking a copy for themselves obviously) before you’ll even consider their request. For a real fun, party atmosphere, make sure you get them to sign and date both copies. OFFSPIN also produced some advisory notes for dealing with certain types of persistent requesters:

And of course, the also came up with the super-helpful DJ Apology Advisory Notes, to help today’s DJs navigate the complicated world of social media, and to assist them in avoiding ever taking any responsibility or blame for anything, ever.