Music Industry Promotion: Part 2 – YouTube

YouTube is a total ledge when it comes to promoting yourself with videos – here’s some tips.

As an up and coming MC, Producer or DJ, you can totally use YouTube to build up a following and you will definitely get bare gigs from it. There are many different approaches, ranging from posting phone vids of your Nan first thing in the morning looking like Medusa the Gorgon, to perhaps the most effective method, instructional videos.

No matter what role you have in the music industry, there’s a place for instructional videos and it’s really easy to film yourself telling other people how great you are, and what they’re doing wrong. It doesn’t really matter what the content is – despite the fact that content is apparently king, the content of the content isn’t really important, the point is simply to have a video and to appear in it. Its only feature need be that it exists.

So if you knock out tunes on your laptop you can do a guide to that, or if you play tunes down your local pub, do a guide to that, go crazy, reach for your dreams. MAKE CONTENT, WE ALL HAVE TO MAKE CONTENT ALL THE TIME.  Not sure why, to be honest we missed the meeting when it was decided that everyone had to become content providers. We think it might have something to do with the slow devaluation of the creative arts, along with an ever-increasing corporate focus on choice over quality,  coupled with a general narrowing of the possibilities for critical thought and dissent. But we’re not sure.

Anyway, MAKE SOME CONTENT, CONFORM. And to help you do this, here are a few guidelines to assist you create high-quality video content for YouTube, guaranteed to generate likes, sales, gigs, VIP treatment and riches beyond your wildest imaginings.

1. The Guys Rule. The most important rule is the ‘Guys’ Rule. Everyone is Guys. Your audience, your family, everyone in the world is Guys. You should use the word Guys around 3 or 4 times a minute so that the viewer knows that they’re watching a YouTube instructional video and to reassure them that they are Guys.

2. How to greet your audience. The standard greeting you should always use is “Hi Guys”. If you wish to appeal to a younger, more clued up audience, you could use the “Whatsup Guys” variation, although be careful as this could alienate older members of your audience.

3. The 3 Phrases of Instructional Videos. When you’re telling the Guys what you’re doing in your video, please ensure that you preface your descriptions with the words “Now I’m going to”, “Then I’m going to” or “Next I’m going to”. For the sake of homogeneity, you are encouraged to not waver in your dedication to only using these three phrases, and no other.

4. Signing off. When you finish your video, make sure that your sign off is as awkward as a gauche teenager on a first date bumping into his parents who remind him of his Butt-Doctor appointment.

5. Audio Equipment. We would recommend the with regard to your choice of mic, you follow the fundamental rule of ‘any old shit will do, including the internal mic on your Lenovo lap-top’.

6. Promotion. It’s important to carefully market your YouTube channel in accordance with clearly defined business goals, and that you precisely target your audience. Experts agree that the most effective method to do this is to cut and paste this message – ‘Hey! Check out my videos!’ – into the comments section of lots of other videos.

Good luck with your vids, Guys.

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