It’s been reported that the wandering ghost of mass murderer Harold Shipman has made it clear that he has no relationship with London based internet radio station Radar Radio. 

Although damned to suffer for eternity for his crimes, the spectre found a moment to issue the shock announcement following a series of allegations about the station from former Radar Radio staff. The allegations include sexual harassment and a culture of tokenism, sexism, homophobia, racism and transphobia. 

There were also accusations of staff being asked for work for free/low pay by the company, which is run by son of Sports Direct billionaire Mike Ashley, who wears shoes made of fifty-pound notes and has solid gold eggs for breakfast. 

No one from Radar Radio was unavailable for comment as they have “made the decision to suspend broadcasting until we are in a position to address the recent commentary around aspects of the station” which is totally what you do if you’re innocent and there’s absolutely no problem at all. 

As Harold Shipman’s ghost is a literary device created for the purposes of this article and doesn’t actually exist, or have an email address, he wasn’t available for comment. However, if he was, he definitely would have said: “I may have been this country’s worst ever mass murderer, but following the recent revelations about Radar Radio, I couldn’t possibly continue my Trap and Drill Tuesday evening Drive Time show with them. Follow me on Soundcloud and Insta for more updates. Peace Out.”