Don’t be shy, DJs love a conversation.

Ask any DJ and they’ll tell you that the best part of the job isn’t the music, it isn’t steering a party, it’s the conversations that they have with punters when they’re DJing. What DJs love most of all is for their audience to come and talk to them while they’re working; after all it’s not like they’re using their ears for anything important is it. A packed dance floor, peak time on a Saturday night is usually the best time to chat to a DJ, so here’s some of the things that you can say to them that are guaranteed to raise a DJ smile and spark a fun conversation.

  1. I don’t know who it’s by or what it’s called but I want you to play it
  2. Can I charge my phone?
  3. Can I leave my coat and bag in the booth?
  4. Can you watch my coat and bag if I leave them in the booth?
  5. When will you play Drake?
  6. Trust me, this crowd will love Drake
  7. If you don’t play Drake we’re all leaving
  8. Why haven’t you got Drake?
  9. Have you got a mic, can I MC?
  10. Can I play my mixtape off my phone?

What if the DJ won’t talk to me?

OK, so it might be that these conversation-starters for you don’t work – but some DJs are shy and may pretend to be engrossed in ‘mixing’ and such. In this situation you could try some of these:

  1. What are you playing tonight?
  2. What software are you using? (especially fun to say if they’re playing vinyl)
  3. Have you got Spotify?
  4. You should get Spotify
  5. I’ve still got some of my old vinyl at home
  6. I’m a DJ as well actually
  7. My brother in law’s a DJ too
  8. I’ve done a sick re-edit of ‘Love is the Message’
  9. Check out my Soundcloud
  10. Have you got any thing a bit harder?

Persistence is the key

Remember, DJs are often quiet and reserved people, and you may need to try very hard to get them to come out of their shell. If they’re still pretending to be busy with their DJing, then you could always try some of these techniques:

  1. Bumping into the DJ table
  2. Putting drinks on the DJ table
  3. Trying to put as many drinks as possible as near to as many live connections as possible
  4. Getting your mates to crowd the booth and do selfies
  5. Reach over and give the tune an ‘audience rewind’ when the DJs back is turned
  6. Ask for a ‘birthday shout out’
  7. Fill the DJ booth with vape smoke
  8. Slapping them on the back or ruffling their DJ hair
  9. Shazzam their entire set
  10. Stick your phone in their face with your request

Still no luck? Then you’re just not trying hard enough. Try doing as many of our suggestions simultaneously as possible, fake a heart attack, throw ice cubes at the DJs head, bring a book and start reading it directly in front of the booth, shine a laser pointer in their eye, administer a Chinese burn   – anything goes. You should find that a combination of sheer, pig-headed determination and persistence, coupled with our handy opening conversational gambits should make even the most taciturn DJ open up a like a delicate flower in the early summer sunshine. Then you’ll be able to share a lovely moment with the DJ when you shout something that they can’t really here, and they kind of vaguely smile back nodding, hoping that this is the appropriate response.