Where is the time going?! It’s June already and we’ve only just tidied away the Christmas Tree…


In between stealing jokes on Twitter and taking the piss out of DJs, we’ve also been digging a whole lot of utterly banging music here at Prinks. Our hippie friends have ensured that we are all aware that it’s halfway through 2018 with all their ‘Hey man, happy solstice tho yeh?’ social media posts, so bearing in mind the inevitable passage of time and that fact that it totally is the middle of the year, we thought we’d do a mid-year music roundup.

Here’s over five and half hours of our favourite releases from the first half of 2018. We’ve cleverly put them into a Spotify playlist that if you just let play will provide a perfect soundtrack for your party, as long as your party is 5 hours 56 mins long and you don’t mind there being no mixing.

So we kick off with a few beat-less ambient numbers from Daniel Avery, who’s been KILLING it this year and Detroit Swindle, whom we’ll hear more from later. Album of the year so far DJ Koze’s ‘Knock Knock’ features heavily in this playlist, starting with these three itchy, chopped up soul-tech tracks we’ve selected here.

Fred Everything’s got a new album out this month, and he’s stretched out a bit musically speaking. We’ve included a couple of his pristine productions,  including ‘By Day’ which features the lovely vocals of Sio over Fred’s wandering broken beats. The excellently titled ‘Ketama Gold’ from the Detroit Swindle album ‘High Life’ is next, and it’s essentially a 4-minute intro that never develops into a song, a technique that many other songs could learn from. ‘Slap My Stick (Soft Rock Edits)’ is an excellent 80s synth-soul homage released to celebrate six years in the biz for the Lets Play House label, the flip of which is Laura Jackson’s discoid gem ‘Don’t Walk Away’ which is all funky clavinet and 70s space echo. 

Old fave Art of Tones turns up with ‘Waiting’ – we’ve included the Souleance remix but to be honest the Derrick Carter version is far superior, but didn’t seem to be on Spotify. That’s Brexit for you. The Fouk remix of ‘Hamdi’ is an absolute banger of a track, all afro-vocals, rinsing percussion and inescapable groove. Big tune. Art of Tones also features again with his ‘Where the One Is’ which matches the sneakily sampled sound of Fred Wesley and the JBs hyping up the band in the studio with a simple FONKI b-line. Yessir. 

Then we picked a few slightly techier tracks – that Fish Go Deep dub sounds fucken deep on a decent system – and DJ E-Clyps ‘Pancakes’, whilst perhaps not much of a home listening tune, is also an instant dancefloor winner. The full majesty of Koze’s album version of ‘Seeing Aliens’ will smash up your dance floor too. Childish Gambino’s fuked up ‘This Is America’ is included in our best of the year so far list because when you play it in the dance, separate from its video, it either utterly slays or falls flat on its face – DJs, take that risk, when it works it’s so worth it. 

There’s lots of disco and disco influenced tunes in this bit of the playlist, mainly because disco is brilliant and if you don’t agree then my friend, you are really in the wrong place. UK stalwarts Hot Toddy feature, we’ve included re-releases and re-edits from Mr Wigg & Co, Nick the Record, Joey Negro, and original material from Eli Escobar and the always totally fab Ron Basejam. Also, there’s a nice filtered disco jam from Tour-Maubourg that bears a passing resemblance to a certain ‘Pick Up’ – it’s such a good sample, both tunes are well worth a spin. 

There’s a bunch of rave influenced breaks-ish tracks from Brame & Hamo, Westerman and Ross from Friends, featuring your favourite old school breaks and Juno pads from yesteryear re-purposed for the contemporary dance floor. Moody, crunchy and evocative.  And which set us up for a couple of shimmering Drum & Bass rollers from Dexcell and from Logistics tasty long player on Hosptial Records. 

Four Tet’s lush remix of Bicep’s ‘Opal’ segues nicely back into the 4/4 beats. Picking up the pace, Gerd Janson turns up in our playlist with his storming piano re-rub of Paul Woolford’s Special Request track which leads nicely into Jimpsters FIRE ‘Burning Up’. It’s a little rawer than his usual stuff and holy moly, drop this on a decent crowd and you’ll create a room of stank-faces. Then its more from Koze, some of the better tracks from the Detroit Swindle album (hint, they’re all good), and a tune called ‘Neutron Dance’ that we saw Gerd playing on a video and we fell in love with. 

Peaktime killer tracks include Prinks fave HiFi Sean with his ‘The Music’ featuring Celeda, Folamour’s ‘Devoted To You’ and Koze’s ‘Pick Up’. Ron Basejam features a few times cos we love his stuff, but let’s not forget other Rons too. Ron Trent turned in an inspired 10 minutes + re-rub of Cassy/Pete Moss’s ‘You Gotta Know’ in June of this year and we think this is the kind of tune that DJs will be playing for months to come. 

Is the sublime ‘Illumination’ featuring the ever-wonderful national treasure Roisin Murphy our fave track from the Koze album? Not sure, but it makes the playlist anyway. Then we start to head back down in pace again, with a decent chugger from I:Cube, before heading to the cooldown with what might be the best track from Mr Fingers’ album, the jazzy emotive ‘Urbane Sunset’. More from Koze, Fred Everything, Logistics, Daniel Avery and a couple of quality funk tracks from Barrie K Sharpe’s long player ‘Rhythm Rhyme Revolution’, before finishing with the restrained strings and acoustic guitar of Hampshire & Foat’s gorgeous ‘The Promise’. And we’ve not even mentioned all the tracks and artists cos there’s so many, so you’ll find a few musical surprises waiting for you too.

Happy listening!