Controversy Surrounds ‘Megan’s Birthday Bash’ Event.

East Grinstead DJ ‘D*vT€D has been speaking about his latest project, enticingly called ‘Megan’s Birthday Bash’, an event he’s co-promoting with ‘Spangles’ nightclub in Crawley.

D*vT€D posted yesterday on social media that he was “feeling blessed at the opportunity to really showcase the full range of my music, from deep house to dub techno.” He has also been “hard at work in the lab producing a few club bangerz of my own” to include in his “set”.

DJ D*vT€D has been DJing for several months and has played at Spangles twice before at their monthly student night ‘Massive Dance Classic Anthems”. However, Megan’s Birthday Bash will be the first gig where he is choosing the music rather than playing ‘Show Me Love’ and The Chemical Brothers to pissed up students.

Unfortunately, D*vT€D’s plans swiftly came under attack from Megan’s friends and family, many of whom posted Youtube links to songs by Taylor Swift, Drake and Katy Perry accompanied by heart, cake, and party-popper emoticons. Echoing the opinion of all the party attendees, Charlotte posted “Ur not gonna play that techno crap r u?” and Megan herself backed this up by posting “just stick to the playlist Darren ffs”.

Megan’s mum Mrs Waverley also made her feelings very clear when she reacted to D*vT€D’s status with a ‘Sad’ emoticon and later posted a passive aggressive status update that didn’t mention D*vT€D directly but said that she “just wished other people were more considerate, especially when you’ve given them a chance.”