Nightclubs, DJs, and Solving a Club’s Defensive Issues.

As we all know, the DJ transfer window is upon us again, with clubs around the world getting ready to do the deals that may just make or break them this season. As always, clubs will be frantically working right up to the deadline to secure the very best DJs and to dump the dead wood, and Prinks is here to bring you all the latest developments.

Super-duper club Place, Ibiza are reportedly chasing ghetto hell-raisers Sebastian & Ptolemy who were previously resident at Dusseldorf’s unique Schmieröl club. If negotiations go to plan, the duo will be spending the next year DJing every day and every night 7 days a week at Place’s ‘Never-Ending-Always-B-Woke’ parties.

The club is also like to make a bid for Hard & Fast resident Lukas Günther Baumann, assuming that H&F are willing to let the mystery Electronic EDM music ‘personality’ go. With the huge fees that wearing a bucket on his head have generated for Lukas, it’s probable that he’ll follow the kabillion Euro’s per set he’s likely to be offered.

It’s also looking increasingly likely that Club Mengecewakan in Malaysia will fail in their quest to sign DJ & Producer Calf No Swim Good, as he apparently has run up substantial drug debts to the door staff of Acrylic in Manchester so will be unlikely to leave their employ in the near future.

We can expect a few extremely strongly-worded ‘come and get me’ pleas from Rashid & Lozenge, the resident DJs at Berlin art collective Spünk. The pair are currently trapped playing minimal Emo-Wave for fashionably depressed and bored 17 year olds in the art collective’s abandoned abattoir venue and will play “anywhere else, for any fee, seriously, we’re not even joking.”

Prinks will supply more news on the DJ transfer window as it happens. Keep up to date with the very latest in “11th hour deals”, “derisory offers” and the peculiar use of military language such as targets, raids, swoops, war chests, on-the-radar, and re-enforcement warm up DJs.