Weird audio company MIDIPLUS have announced a new product line aimed at females, featuring “more elegance and charm” which claims to enable the user to “enjoy the waves of sweet interaction”. They launched their new range with the hugely successful and not in anyway a massive own-goal Mirror Audio Interface, an audio interface that looks like an eye-shadow palette. Because if there were any structural barriers to young women taking up music production, these will definately be tackled by an audio interface shaped like a big box of make-up.

Brilliantly, the MIDIPLUS website says the MIDIPLUS Mirror comes in two ‘forms’ – closed, with the lid closed and the more complicated ‘open’ mode, where the lid of the device is, umm, open. Hopefully, the females using it will have a helpful male on hand to assist switching between the two modes.

MIDIPLUS have since announed an entire range of bizarre, un-needed and patronising DJ products. These include the MIDIPLUS ‘Essence’ range of pastel-hued USB enabled lip balms and the MIDIPLUS ‘Elegance’ DJ Mixer which is housed in gentle gingham-flavoured muslin, to protect delicate female DJ hands. All products come with the phone number of a strong and capable male DJ should those fuzzy-headed ladies need a hand setting up.

MIDIPLUS has also announced a set of DJ scented candles, a range of DJ shampoo and conditioners and a high-end collection of gender pay disparities in the workplace.