In The Surprise Of The Year, House Music Download Site Turns Out To Actually Be House Music Robbing Site


It emerged today that popular house music website ‘Essential House Club’ is in fact not a music retail site but in fact, a criminal enterprise masquerading as a respectable business. How very 2018.

ECH is run by a collection of bandits, crooks and thieves who are not only ripping off music and selling it for their own profit but who also have the worst logo ever designed. Their site is run on the current popular business model of stealing music from artists then selling it for their own profit.

EHC’s paper-thin claims to respectability are betrayed by two things – firstly, no artist on the planet has ever received one single penny of royalties from them and secondly, no actual real company would have such a sub-par logo. There’s no contact details or social media presence listed on their website either; it’s almost as though they’re not in any way a legitimate business at all. However, at the bottom of their criminal, swindling website, EHC has thoughtfully included the simple copyright message ‘© All Rights Reserved’, a particularly delicious irony that perhaps has gone over their heads.

“Complete and utter bullshit”

Aside from picking the pockets of all your favourite house producers and artists, EHC also has a nice line in complete and utter bullshit, referring to their site’s download tool as a ‘creative asset’ when in fact it’s just a way for them to profit from other peoples music.

The sudden birth of interest in this group of pilfering pirates has also led to the birth of a new game for producers and artists on social media. Simply go on the Essential House Club site and put your producer alias in and see how much they’re robbing you personally! Post your results on social media for extra kudos. And then report their plundering, robbing asses, obvs.